Hire A Chauffeur

Why Hire A Chauffeur

For a variety of intelligent and personal reasons; you may not want to hire a car, you may instead want someone to drive you around in your car. Many of our clients have cars that they are proud of and that give them the kind of ride they prefer. They simply want to be driven about by a professional so they can focus on more important or more pleasurable activities. We can customize our services suit your needs whether it’s for business or pleasure.

If it’s a day tip to wineries, a day out shopping or even a meal and a theatre evening out, you can hire one of our professional chauffeurs to drive you around in your own special car. You’ll love it and your guests will appreciate it because your attention will be them instead of traffic and driving.

Contact us for more information on how to hire one our chauffeurs and what we can offer you.

Daytime Services

Daytime call-in service is available from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. Any requests for daytime service that is not pre-booked will be subject to driver availability. Please book ahead so that you can experience our exceptional service.

Kelowna Limo will supply a chauffeur exclusively to you. Our chauffeur will drive you in your vehicle:

  • Kelowna limo provides you with one of our professional cheaffuers to drive you and your clients around.
  • To do day to day errands such as; grocery shopping, banking or visiting friends.
  • To go out for that special occasion.
  • When you require transportation to and/or from medical or dental appointments and surgery.

Your kelowna limo personal cheaffuer will drive you to your destination in your vehicle and wait while you conduct your business. If required, they will then drive you to your next location(s) or return you to your original pickup address.


Drivers on standby to cheaffuer guests at your wedding,work functions , house parties and concerts etc.

Our cheaffuers will meet you and your guests after your first winery and then drive you and guest to the next destination.

Enjoy all the beautiful kelowna wineries without the hassle of driving under the influnce.

Night Time Services

Great for bachelors/bachelorette parties. Have us arrange the hottest spots for your group, or arrange it according to your night out.

Our cheaffuer will meet you and after your first destination and then drive you to your next destination . Once the evening is at the climax the cheaffure will drop each one fo your guest home and then you and your vehicle home .