Scavenger Hunt Limo Rides

Scavenger Hunt Limo Rides

Scavenger hunts are fun, crafty and creative. Our “hunts” are an enjoyable experience and take place in any location, including; around your office or home, set courses we offer in parks or custom areas determined by you.

We’ll organize the event within the parameters you provide with a keen understanding of the level of professionalism our clients demand.

Our goal with every scavenger hunt limo adventure is to deliver the best experience possible geared specifically to you and your guests needs.

We do all the work and let you take all the credit.

Plan a limousine scavenger hunt to complete a classically favorite party game with style and luxury.

Offering the best in scavenger entertainment, our limo hunt events are catered for maximum enjoyment while providing class, fun and uniqueness. Perfect for a corporate break or team building, birthday parties, stagettes, stags and anything in between.

Our Kelowna Limo Birthday SCAVENGER HUNTS are not only great fun;
they fully utilize your rental time of our Limousines.

Kids of all ages Love to be seen in a Limo –
and so if they can be seen repeatedly in a Limo, it’s even better.

If fun and memorable is what you’re looking for in your next event then call us today to book your Scavenger Hunt Limo Adventure.

The Scavenger Hunt is a perfect answer to a perfectly fun party – You will be given a Hunting Package at the beginning of your trip listing all of the clues to all of the locations you will be visiting – And as the participants guess the answer to each clue, their Limo driver will promptly deliver them to that location so that they can hop out and have their pictures taken in front of some of Kelowna’s Greatest Attractions,

  • Each team is supplied with a list of Clues / Riddles. You can go in any order you wish, but it is designed to keep you in a route if you follow it numerically.
  • Teams are divided evenly and your group determines division.
  • You have exactly three hour from departure to get as many Clues / Riddles as you can. The group with the most points determines the winner. The facilitator will make final calculation.
  • You can not ask the chauffeur for help solving Clues / Riddles, you may only instruct which site to go to next and confirm street names and site locations once determined.
  • Some Clues / Riddles are more difficult or further and as such will be awarded extra points.
  • When photo is required, at least two members must be in each photo. Creativity is also counted.
  • Bribing chauffeurs is not permitted.
  • Be creative, enjoy the ride and we’ll see you when you’re finished!